Interlude Retreats

These retreats are given as a gift to musicians. We continue to receive letters of gratitude from participants about a new sense of calling and about their new supportive community.


Song writing workshops which encourage writers to create new music that expresses thoughtful theological reflection and passionate faith.

Small but Mighty Church Weekends

Ken Medema brings his music to little churches to raise funds for local ministries, restock local food banks, and announce the church's presence in the community.

Collaborative Projects

Involvement with churches and faith-based organizations, these collaborative projects help communities raise funds and bring unity and a sense of purpose.

Song writing

Composers & Songwriters

Using music in our ministry, we strive to foster a dialogue between church musicians, music publishers, composers and schools of music to strengthen community, keep alive the legacy of their faith, and build bridges to other people and groups.

Please partner with us!

We would love to have you join us as a partner. Monetary gifts make the work possible, but we also treasure your ideas and encouragement. Help us plan an event, put on a house concert or other fundraiser. Tell others about the work of Interlude.


Next Steps...

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