Ken on piano

Our Approach

The Vision

Interlude Retreats Corp was envisioned in 2008 and established as a 501.c3 in 2013. It was born of an awareness that talented people working in the field of church music are often overworked, weary, underpaid and burned out. Our sense of a remedy began with the idea of small retreats where these church musicians could rest, be renewed and re-imagine their work.

Our Story

The Mission

Our mission is to provide Retreats, Workshops, and Small but Mighty Church Weekends. An Interlude Retreat is an intense three day event offered by personal invitation as a gift to church musicians. The Workshop is geared to address issues that affect the pastor and musician in their ongoing effort to work closely together. The Small but Mighty Church Weekends are offered to small churches who can’t afford a weekend of music ministry.

Meet the Team

Our team members, along with your generous donations, make Interlude Retreats happen!

Ken Medema

Co-Founder of Interlude


Sid Davis


Matthew Greer


Bev Vander Molen

Retreat Facilitator

Paula D'Arcy

Retreat Facilitator

Abigail Hastings

Retreat Facilitator

Benjamin Mertz

Musician, composer joined leadership team 2020

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